{Book Review} Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1: M.G. Spear

Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1: M.G. Spear

Reviewed By Becca Futrell

Thank you M.G. Spear for providing me with a copy of Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 in exchange for an honest review!

Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 is definitely an aesthetically pleasing read; M.G. Spear combines text with absolutely gorgeous photographs. This collection contains an assortment of 10 stories; all of which focusing on an unsettling creepy horror vibe, instead of blood and guts horror. M.G. Spear gets an A+ for creativity, as each story varies; not two stories in the collection sound the same. I enjoyed that M.G. Spear took mundane items, such as toilet paper in the very first story titled Toilet Paper, and turned it into a tale of horror. Hats off to you, M.G. Spear.

It’s very difficult to establish an entire story in only a few words. However, M.G. Spear manages to do just that. One of my favorite tales in Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 is Revenge. Revenge takes place seconds before the act of revenge occurs & in just a few written words, your mind is able to complete an entire story.

Some stories in Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 gives us an unexpected twist; such as in The Battle of Glosser. The Battle of Glosser tells a story about the rivalry between unicorns and the scorns & explains why a traditional festival takes place every ten years. I guess I was so entranced by this lore (& my obsession with unicorns) that I just didn’t expect the gruesome ending.

As much as I enjoy and appreciate all of M.G. Spear’s creativity and imagination, I couldn’t necessarily get behind the writing. It was well-done in terms of helping the reader visualize what was happening in each story; however, at times the writing didn’t necessarily flow well and it didn’t leave me wanting more.

If you’re just looking for a short collection of creative horror stories to pass the time or get your own imagination goin’, I’d recommend checking out Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 by M.G. Spear!

Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1

Fresh distortions in suspenseful horror.

An Edgar Allen Poe meets Salvador Dali type of match: curling chilling stories around creepy images to amp up the mood.

You can buy Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 from Amazon UK Amazon US

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