{Book Review} Between Light And Shadow: Sarah Jane Huntington

Between Light And Shadow: Sarah Jane Huntington

Reviewed By Simon Paul Wilson

Between Light And Shadow is the fourth book I’ve read by Sarah Jane Huntington, and her third collection. Unlike her other works, this book strays from the horror genre a little, and explores worlds inspired by The Twilight Zone. Now, this ain’t no bad thing. In fact, it’s rather brilliant.

Now, I reckon there’s many horror fans out there who love The Twilight Zone. Personally, I found some of that show’s episodes to be terrifying! The same can be said for Tales of the Unexpected, at times. I’m sure there are many folk out there who will agree with me on that. I’d also like to bet that those same people also adore The X-Files and Black Mirror.

So, if you fancy reading thirteen weird tales of sci-fi and horror, inspired by those amazing television shows, then Sarah Jane Huntington has definitely got the book you’re looking for.

I read this collection in three sittings. It was only my early starts in the morning that stopped me from devouring the whole thing in a single night.

Once more, I’m happy to report that this is another collection that has no fillers. Each of the thirteen tales on offer are wonderful reads. I love sci-fi and horror equally, so Between Light And Shadow ticks the boxes for me.

Written on a Subway Wall is just brilliant. This clever story shows us that knowing the future is nothing but a curse. This was easily one of my favourites of the book.

Now, let’s go to Mirror Darkly.


No spoilers from me, but let me just say this tale is body horror at its very best. Get ready to cringe.

Holes is definitely the collection’s best story, in my opinion. Excellent writing and some very creepy imagery indeed. Read this and then cancel your plans for going hiking and camping.

Such a Perfect Day must get a mention for bringing a tear to my eye, twice. You’ll know what I mean once you’ve had a read.

So, on closing, I think it’s fare to say that Sarah Jane Huntington is now one of my favourite writers. Each book I’ve read of hers has impressed me, and Between Light And Shadow takes its place in my top five collections of 2021.

If you like sci-fi and horror, or are a fan of the TV shows mentioned in this review, you really should go grab a copy of this book.

Treat yourself and do it now!

Between Light And Shadow

In the middle ground between light and shadow lies a realm of wonder and horror. A place beyond imagination.
An open mind is needed…

Strange tales inspired by The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.
A woman who dreams the future.
Curious invasions and creatures beneath the surface.
A man caught in an unknown dimension and strange disappearances spanning decades.
A tourist visiting Earth and someone seeking just a little peace and quiet.
Thirteen weird tales.

You can buy Between Light  And Shadow from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Simon Paul Wilson

Simon Paul Wilson is a U.K. based writer of horror and science fiction.

He is currently writing a cyberpunk horror trilogy, the first of which is GhostCityGirl and was published by Not A Pipe publishing in 2020.

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There now follows a list of writers who have influenced his reading tastes and writing style:

James Herbert. Stephen King, Shaun Hutson, Clive Barker, China Mieville, Haruki Murakami, Carlton Mellick III, Brian Keene, and Adam Nevill.

Simon lives somewhere in the middle of England with his wonderful family. He likes to listen to post-rock and progressive rock at loud volumes. He also plays a mean air bass.

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