{Book Review} Behemoth: HP Newquist

Behemoth: HP Newquist

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Big thanks to Pete and Bloodshot Books for sending this my way.

I’m not a fan of the frequently overused phrase “unputdownable” but there really is no other way to describe this book.

We open up following a trio of young men going for a joyride and ending up on the small town of Morris. The town has an ‘odd’ reputation. No one goes out at night and no one leaves the town. 

The boys crash the car which breaks a centuries-old boundary, keeping the monster of Morris within its confines.

From there, Newquist deftly weaves a thriller with a creature feature. This is HP’s 1st novel of fiction, but he has released over 20 non-fiction releases, and it shows he has the confidence to push the envelope and keep the reader guessing.

The story continues to progress throughout, and one thing I found that really made it riveting was the short and snappy chapters. I kept wanting to keep flipping, keep reading as I was dragged further and further into the mysterious history of Morris.

If I was to comment on a negative or something that didn’t gel – spoiler-free – there’s a few unanswered questions, which I can only hope we find out the answers too in the future.

This was easily a 5 star read, and if my list wasn’t already submitted, I’d have it on my top reads of the year list, easily.

Really can’t recommend this enough!


After losing three local boys to a devastating car crash in the upstate village of Morris, the neighboring town of Ashford suffers even more tragedy over the next couple of weeks when several townspeople mysteriously vanish in the middle of the night. Sensing that there’s a rational explanation, however strange it may be, local reporter Robert Garrahan decides to get to the bottom of the matter.

Initially, he only digs up little more than small town gossip until a desperate man tells Garrahan that his daughter will be the next to disappear. Amid rambling stories of monsters and strange rituals, the father tries to convince Garrahan that the town is rife with danger. When yet another accident forces Garrahan to look into his wild claims, what he finds are secrets beyond comprehension.

The extent of Morris’s horrific history are finally revealed. From townspeople who abide the loss of a little girl to whispers of a nightmarish creature lurking in the woods and, ultimately, to a dogmatic priest who adheres to ancient rituals regarding the mythical Behemoth, Garrahan realizes too late that he has been chosen as the next one to disappear. Can he avoid his fate or is he doomed to be the latest sacrifice?

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