{Book Review} Bad Girl In The Box: Tim Curran

Bad Girl In The Box: Tim Curran

Reviewed By Steve Stred

I’ve only read two of Curran’s previous work before snagging this for review. The first was his bonkers novel ‘Clownflesh’ and the second was his fantastic story in ‘The Best of Indie Horror’ Anthology.

Going in, I wasn’t sure what to really expect. The synopsis reminded me a bit of ‘Clownflesh.’ One thing you’re always guaranteed of with Curran though is insanity and extremes and both were very present in ‘Bad Girl In the Box.’

What I liked: The book follows a girl returning to visit her estranged mom. The street she grew up on now feels off and different, the locals odd. While there, mysteriously, meat begins to rain from the sky and transform those who eat it.

Bonkers, right?

But also mildly similar to ‘Clownflesh’ where a blizzard hits a small town and ravenous clowns appear from the storm.

Curran never holds back in this one. Both with the oddities and subtle shifts of the people on the street but also with how the book unravels.

This is a tough one to review because the really cool and exciting aspects happen later in the book, but I don’t want to spoil how we get there. Just insane stuff.

What I didn’t like: I found there was a lot of useless characters at the beginning who are either introduced or purely there to eat the meat and change and be dispatched. It made the first half or so leaving me a bit disconnected.

Why you should buy this: Whilst I didn’t love this, I did enjoy it a lot and it’s what you’d expect from a Curran book.

This has so many bonkers moments that new fans will find it completely off the wall but for long time fans, I think you’ll be richly rewarded.

Bad Girl In The Box

Birch Street. A beautiful neighborhood on a beautiful summer day.

Then raw meat falls from the sky. People are at first offended, then intrigued. Once tasting it, they can eat nothing else. It becomes an addiction that owns them body and soul, releasing pent-up frustrations, secret desires, and nameless horror.

And when the meat runs out, the monsters are loose on Birch Street.

Into this hell zone of starvation, rot, and worms comes a conflicted, traumatized young woman. She’s returning home after a long, painful absence. She alone broods over the secret of the meat. Through her is deliverance from starvation.

But only at the most horrific price.

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