{Book Review} A Quiet Apocalypse: Dave Jeffery

A Quiet Apocalypse: Dave Jeffery

Reviewed By Steve Stred

A Quiet Apocalypse’ arrives to take its place amongst the ever-growing list of “sensory” based post-apocalyptic stories. While this may turn some folks away – I really do wish to stress that this piece carves its own place and stands on its own two feet – no piggybacking here, folks.

The story starts off describing the ‘downfall’ of humanity – a meningitis-type disease that has wiped out most of mankind, leaving the survivors deaf.

From there we get introduced to Chris, a damaged man who is trying to break free from his captivity.

Like most post-apocalyptic stories, we follow our main character as they attempt to go from point A to point B, along the way running into obstacles and enemies.

What I really loved here was that there was no unseen monsters or creatures attacking people, no this was purely a story set in country, where the biggest fear was running into another living person.

I found there were some lulls in the story, parts that felt a bit slow, but in a book like this – that can sometimes be expected.

One thing I really enjoyed, that Jeffrey worked really well, was the use of the countryside as a character all on its own. You would know when things were ramping up based on some descriptions of where the characters were at any given time and I found it to add another layer or dynamic to what the characters were having to endure.

Overall, I really did enjoy this. It’s great to see Sign Language placed into the forefront of a story like this and it was used to great effect. I think this is a very worthy addition to the post-apocalyptic “sensory” based world and one that horror fans should add to their TBR ASAP.

A Quiet Apocalypse

The end is hear…

A mutant strain of meningitis has wiped out most of mankind. The few who have survived the fever are now deaf.

Bitter with loss and terrified to leave the city known as Cathedral, the inhabitants rely on The Samaritans, search teams sent out into the surrounding countryside. Their purpose, to hunt down and enslave the greatest commodity on Earth, an even smaller group of people immune to the virus, people who can still hear.

People like me.

My name is Chris.

This is my story.

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