{Book Review} 8 Days In The Woods – The Making Of The Blair Witch Project: Matt Blazi

8 Days In The Woods: Matt Blazi

Reviewed By Fiona Dodwell

If, like me, you are a big fan of the movie, then you will enjoy this book about the making of the Blair Witch Project as much as I did. It’s a large, heavy paperback coming in at over 300 pages. Although it’s considered an unofficial book, it has forewords written by the film-makers themselves – Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick.

It’s evident that the author, Blazi, has a big love and passion for the film. He has meticulously and thoroughly researched every detail of the process of making the Blair Witch Project, leaving no stone unturned. It contains chapters on the background of the film-makers themselves, on the conception of the story, the audition process for the cast, details about on-location filming, challenges they faced and many previously unseen photos of the location, cast and crew.

It’s a fascinating read, leaving no fan without an answer to any possible question you could have about the process of putting the cult horror film together. It’s informative, readable and a lot of fun to throw yourself into. For a fan of the film, like me, this book proved an invaluable “bible”.

I think you’d have to have a serious love of the film to enjoy it – meaning, if you are just a casual fan then this book would probably be too detailed to hold interest. But for anyone who is a fellow-obsessive like I, then I’m certain you’ll love it.

Matt Blazi has put together a great project here, and the book was well worth the pounds I parted with for my copy.

8 Days In The Woods

Have you ever heard of the Blair Witch?

This simple question captivated moviegoers in the summer of 1999. From the start, The Blair Witch Project was an unconventional idea that evolved into a theatrical experience never seen before. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, Haxan Films carefully crafted a mythology that immersed the viewer in a world of mysterious occurrences and unexplained phenomenon.

Now, for the first time, the complete story behind the making of The Blair Witch Project will be told. From conceptualization, to the world wide phenomenon, 8 Days in the Woods tells the story of how first-time filmmakers from UCF revolutionized a sub-genre of horror films that is still felt today.

Containing interviews from cast and crew, including over 20 individuals who helped bring The Blair Witch Project to life – many who have never been interviewed before. With over 150 photographs and documents, 8 Days in the Woods is the definitive history about a film that is still terrifying audiences to this day.

You can buy 8 Days In The Woods from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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Fiona has studied Psychology, Film Studies, Theology and Health & Social Care.

Her biggest passion is reading dark fiction, as well as creating new stories of her own – the creepier the better!

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