{Book Review} 69 – A Short Novel Of Cosmic Horror: Tim Meyer

69: Tim Meyer

Reviewed By Aiden Merchant

Spring Lakes Assisted Living is home to something bizarre and unnatural. A group of 69-year-olds have just become something like catatonic, but worse. According to their vitals, they seem to be alive. However, by appearance and touch, you would think them dead. In response, three investigators from the CDC arrive to uncover the source of distress, only to discover something disturbingly beyond explanation.

This short novel will certainly make my Top 10 of 2019. It’s suspenseful, adrenaline-fueled, creepy, and emotionally horrifying. Though I had to break it up over several days due to multiple projects and work, it’s the kind of story you devour in one exhilarating shot if given the ability. The haunting-like atmosphere is truly captivating – one that Meyer accompanies with terrifying visuals every step of the way – and the characters are made more valuable by the memories that haunt them (they’re quite terrible, and likely to produce a shudder).

69 is one of those books that reads like a movie, the way it plays out in your head. With the right team to adapt it, this story would make an unbelievable freaky and enjoyable movie.

It’s hard to rave about this story without dropping spoilers in the process, so I’ll just wrap this up with my ultimate recommendation. If you enjoy horror in the least, then 69 should be on your radar. It’s too fucking fun to ignore.

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69: A Short Novel Of Cosmic Horror

“Everything is sixty-nine.”

It happened suddenly. Overnight. Inside Spring Lakes Assisted Living, seven residents – sixty-nine years of age – died mysterious deaths. Only… they aren’t really dead. Their bodies remain still, their staring eyes void of life; yet their hearts continue to beat, their lungs fight for oxygen, and somewhere within their petrified bodies their souls cling to life. No one has a rational explanation for what’s happening. Three investigators from the CDC are dispatched to the facility in hopes of finding answers, but what they discover is far beyond human comprehension. Something terrifying has come to town. An unseen entity that leeches off the living, the dead, and everything in between.

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