{Book Review} 30 Minutes Or Less (Part 2): Matthew Vaughn

30 Minutes Or Less (Part 2) – Matthew Vaughn

Reviewed By Steve Stred

I read Part 1 by Vaughn and while it had some fun moments, I ended up finding the ending a bit disjointed and going in, I didn’t realize it was going to be a part of a series!

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So while I enjoyed but didn’t love Part 1, when Part 2 was announced, I snagged it and decided to not let the crust get cold – reading it sooner rather than later.

Part 2 picks up some time after Part 1. Bella has survived and we quickly get filled in on a few blanks from the ending to where Part 2 picks up.

As with most home invasion-slasher movies, Vaughn sets the stage early by telling us that it looks like the 30 Minutes or Less Killer has popped up again, but for Bella and her family not to worry, as he’s 5 hours away.

I don’t think me saying that the killer isn’t five hours away is a spoiler, cuz he’s not, and sure enough in the middle of the night, there’s a knock on the door and Vaughn rains down bloody chaos.

I really enjoyed the survival aspect of this one.

While in Part 1 we didn’t know if Bella would make it, now her mentality has changed – she knows she’s survived once and she’s going to do everything she can to survive again.

Vaughn easily skirts an R rating as the action and violence pick up. This thing is firmly an NC17 film written before the reader’s eyes.

Going in, this time, I knew that there would be a third act, so when the action ramped up and then I saw the ‘To be continued,’ I didn’t have an angry reaction as I did with Part 1.

I still have to get to Hellsworld Hotel by Vaughn, but I really dug Part 2 and I think he’s working towards a phenomenal closing act with Part 3 – if it is the ending!

30 Minutes Or Less (Part 2)

One year following the devastating attack by the 30 Minutes or Less Killer, Bella and her family are trying to move on with their lives. They’ve bought a new house out in the country, far away from the nightmare that Bella lived through.

No one has heard from the 30 Minutes or Less Killer, no one knows if he’s gone underground, or moved far away – hiding and plotting his revenge on the one person to have survived his attacks.

Even with all the mental and emotional scars, is one year enough time to start relaxing and hoping he’s gone for good?

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