Bird Box: Josh Malerman (Kendall Review)

Bird Box: Josh Malerman

Reviewed By Miranda Crites

I’m almost always late to the party. It’s something I no longer fight. I don’t think I have a choice, anyway. My mom carried me for ten months, so this late to the party game started before I was even born. 

So, I knew Bird Box was going to be a movie, and I made a note in the TBR (that is my To Be Read list) in my head to read the book. I love reading books then watching movies. As time has a way of doing, it flew by and—BOOM—Bird Box was on Netflix, and spoilers were everywhere. I hate spoilers. 

I bought the ebook version of Bird Box, and my blindfolded journey began. 

Being thrown into sudden “darkness” is probably one of the most fearful things for humans, for me anyway. Not being able to see, not knowing what’s out there to be seen, and knowing if you risk a peek, it’s all over for you and the people around you. If you look, something will unleash from within you, and you will become violent until it kills you, which isn’t long. 

No one knows what the “monster” is that you can not/should not see because if you do see it, it’s too late for you. It’s intense. You can feel the presence of someone or something, some monster you know will change you, while you are blindfolded and drawing water from the well or attempting to find food. You can hear it. It’s close, maybe you are face-to-face with this unknown killer. You wonder how close, and if you’re going to die. 

Then, there are the children. Children who’ve never had the chance to play outside or see the sky. Children who’ve been trained to “see” with their ears. 

And the animals. Does it affect the animals?

I thoroughly enjoyed Bird Box. It gave me tingles deep down in my stomach, it made me sad, it made me mad, it touched me in the deepest parts of my soul. I longed for the people who were lost, it made me want to hold onto the people who are near and dear to me for a little longer and a little tighter, and it probably would have made me cry if I were a normal person, but I’m a bit jaded. Parts of it scared me, which is a pretty hard sale for me, again the jaded thing. It gave me nightmares I love this book for all the feelings it gave me.

Star Rating (out of 5): 5*

Bird Box


Malorie raises the children the only way she can: indoors, with the doors locked, the curtains closed, and mattresses nailed over the windows.

The children sleep in the bedroom across the hall, but soon she will have to wake them and blindfold them.

Today they will risk everything. Today they will leave the house.

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