Bid on some superb lots in the ChillerCon UK Auction

ChillerCon UK Auction – supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital

The CHILLERCON UK Auction presents an incredible range of horror, fantasy and science-fiction prizes, from agent reads to artwork and of course plenty of BOOKS…

The auction will be supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, one of the UK’s largest children’s hospitals, with half of the auction proceeds being donated to the organisation.

Bidding started on Monday 23rd May and runs until Sunday 5th June at 5pm (UK time).

Below are the links to some superb lots. Good luck!

#1: Manuscript critique by Meg Davis of Ki Agency

#2: Short manuscript critique by Juliet Mushens of Mushens Entertainment

#3: Unsung Stories – (almost) complete back catalogue

#4: Limited edition hardback of ‘Out of the Darkness’

#5: Signed Hardback of Sundial by Catriona Ward

#6: Hardback Limited Edition of Classic Monsters Unleashed from Crystal Lake Publishing

#7: Gollancz proof copies x 4 – Peng Shepherd, Lucy Kissick, Rebecca Zahabi and R.R. Virdi

#8: Artists Editions of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and The Collection by John Fowles, from Suntup Editions

#9: Rare first edition US paperback copy of Hellbound Hearts

#10: Rare first edition US paperback copy of The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women and rare first edition US paperback copy of The Mammoth Book of Body Horror

#11: Rare first edition UK hardback copy of The Butterfly Man and Other Stories (PS Publishing, 2011) by Paul Kane

#12: Extremely rare US first edition paperback copy of RED by Paul Kane (Skullvines Press, 2008)

#13: Assorted Tartarus Press book bundle – new and out of print titles

#14: Stephanie Ellis book bundle – 12 titles from multiple publishers

#15: House of War and Witness first US edition – MR Carey, Linda Carey, Louise Carey

#16: Lucifer Omnibus Editions, Volumes One and Two

#17: Two consecutive art pages by Dean Ormston from The Unwritten #13 (DC Vertigo), original artwork

#18: A page of Marcelo Frusin art from Hellblazer #177, DC Vertigo

#19: A page of Peter Gross art from Lucifer #46, DC Comics. Original artwork.

#20: Daniele Serra’s Artbook from PS Publishing, signed by Clive Barker and Daniele Serra. PC Copy of 26 Lettered Edition.

#21: Slipcased hardcover of Cujo by Stephen King (PS Publishing), signed by artist and introducer

#22: Hardback Slipcased edition of The Wind in His Heart by Charles De Lint (PS Publishing), signed and numbered

#23: Hardback Slipcased edition of UPON A DARK OF EVIL OVERLORDS by Steven Erikson, signed by the author. PC copy only.

#24: THE COMPLETE RYNOSSEROS by Terry Dowling slipcased and signed by the author. This is a PC copy only.

#25: A set of the KON-TIKI Quartet signed by Eric Brown and Keith Brookes, PS Publishing (4 x hardback books)

#26: A set of 6 unsigned hardback ABSINTHE BOOKS (PS Publishing)

#27: WE ALL HEAR STORIES IN THE DARK by Robert Shearman (PS Publishing) Vol 1, 2 and 3 paperbacks plus a card signed by the author.


#29: A set of 5 trade paperbacks by Ramsey Campbell (PS Publishing)

#30: DVD or Blu-Ray of Panic Button, signed by scriptwriter Frazer Lee

#31: Signed paperback of One Last Secret by Adele Parks

#32: Full set of 2022 titles from Black Shuck Books

#33: The Dark Tower Portfolio (Artwork and essays)

If you are unfortunate not to win your lot, please feel free to use the DONATE feature. I appreciate things are tough but even £5 would be much appreciated.

The ChillerCon Auction can be accessed in full HERE

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