Author C.C. Adams shares his Favourite Horror Novel.

My Favourite Horror Novel

C.C. Adams

Thor. Not the big blond with the hammer, no. The novel Thor, by Wayne Smith.

In this case, Thor is a German Shepherd dog – and the book is told mostly from Thor’s point of view. Thor lives with a human family, who he refers to as his Pack. He loves them. They love him. But things get strained when Uncle Ted enters the picture. Why? Thor learns the answer, but he can’t articulate it: Uncle Ted is a werewolf.

For the life of me, I can’t remember how exactly I happened across this book. I do remember thinking that it was an intriguing premise in that it was a werewolf story told from the viewpoint of the family dog: that alone had convinced me. So I read it – and was blown away as a result. Not only do you see what the subtle cues that Thor both picks up on and misses, but you the reader are placed ahead of the curve. You the reader know something is wrong with Uncle Ted. And you know everything will go sideways when the rest of the family finds out just why Thor has a growing hostility for Uncle Ted.

This is a book that has bowled me over so completely, I’d buy copies of it for other people. (FYI, I’ve only done that once before, and that was for Brian Keene’s ‘The Rising’, which still remains the best zombie story I’ve happened across in book, TV or film). The pacing of the story is spot on. The characterisation is spot on. I can’t speak from the point of view of a dog-owner as I’ve never owned a dog, or spent much time with one, apart from time with friends or girlfriends who had one. But one selling point here is the thinking of a dog. Spending time with Thor is an absolute joy. There’s a genuine sense of intrigue and suspense. And definitely horror. I’ve yet to read a werewolf tale that didn’t involve some degree of maiming – thankfully this is no exception. The threat is very real.

While I admit I’m more of a cat person than a dog person, I couldn’t help but feel for Thor. What I will say is that if you are a dog lover, then buy this book. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but by the end of this book, I damn near shed a tear. For a work of horror, there’s at least one moment where you’d be genuinely moved, and it’s masterful work.

I’ll add in that this is my favourite novel at least of recent years. I’d only bought this about a couple of years ago, but already I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it. And each time I read it, the book never fails to impress me.

C. C. Adams

“London native CC Adams is the horror/dark fiction author behind urban horror novella But Worse Will Come. His short fiction appears in publications such as Turn To Ash, Weirdbook Magazine and The Black Room Manuscripts.

A member of the Horror Writers Association, he still lives in the capital. This is where he lifts weights, cooks – and looks for the perfect quote to set off the next dark delicacy.”

You can find out more about C. C. by visiting his official website

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But Worse Will Come

Theodore Papakostas lives a normal life. Holds down a day job. Struggles with his weight. With women, he’s more ‘miss’ than ‘hit.’ He’s humble – a far cry from the bullying behaviour of his childhood. Days long forgotten. Almost. Something has caught wind of him. Something that warned Theo long ago that if their paths crossed again, Theo would not survive. And Theo’s world is turned into a waking nightmare: a struggle to stay ahead of the terror. Because all those years ago, sunset was just the beginning …but worse will come.

You can buy But Worse Will Come from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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