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2019 has been a successful year for Demain Publishing. First (and thanks to Trevor Kennedy for making the introduction) cover artist (and author!) Adrian Baldwin joined the team. This segued nicely into the launch of the Short Sharp Shocks! in March – the first series is coming to a close in late December with the FIFTIETH ebook being published (the print versions will be coming in 2020 which we’re looking forward to); Joe by Terry Grimwood, Maggie Of My Heart by Alyson Faye, House Of Wrax by Raven Dane and A Quiet Apocalypse by Dave Jeffery. Next year will be even bigger and we will be hitting the ground running from January.

We are both happy and proud to announce that we have now partnered with Kendall Reviews – something we have been talking about behind the scenes for a couple of months but now all parties agree it is time to make a reality.

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What does this actually mean?

First, any Demain news will be released FIRST on the Kendall Reviews site before appearing on Demain’s social media or other review sites (which we will continue to work closely with and nurture those relationships particularly non-horror review sites/blogs etc).

Secondly, as the partnership develops there will be EXCLUSIVE content on the Kendall Reviews site whether that’s interviews, guest blogs, extracts, stories, subs calls, competitions/giveaways.

There could also be one or two surprises along the way.

Be assured, this is not a vanity partnership: Kendall Reviews will continue to provide honest reviews of Demain’s works – as they have done to date.

Both Kendall Reviews and Demain Publishing are extremely excited about the future and making a real mark in our genre.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a happy day.

Dean M. Drinkel



Dean M. Drinkel

Dark, tortured, sinuous…the tales that Dean M. Drinkel has to tell you will freeze your soul!”Barbie Wilde, horror author and actress.

Ambitious, Dean M Drinkel is a published author, editor, award-winning script-writer and film director and was Associate Editor of FEAR Magazine – he has also contributed several non-fiction pieces to various publications. In 2018 he established the horror press DEMAIN PUBLISHING and in 2019 was selected by the BFI to attend two project labs (writing and producing).

Dean has over thirty credits to his name in the field of genre writing (including short stories, collections, novellas, anthologies); has written and directed fifteen theatrical plays in London and the South East of England and during the years 2002 – 2008, he wrote and directed several short experimental films.

Dean moved to Cannes, France in 2016 to write a feature film script with Romain Collier – “The Tragedy Of The Duke of Reichstadt” about the son of Napoleon. This subsequently won two screenplay awards (Best Historical Drama / Best Independent Spirit) at the Monaco International Film Festival and is now in development as a major European tv series. An award-winning cast has signed up (including actors from Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Denmark).

In 2017 Dean returned to directing with the short film “15” for Midas Light Films (screened at the Solaris Festival in Nice, the Med. Film Festival and the Malta International Film Festival amongst others) which in November 2018 was awarded “Best European Film” at Malta.

2020 Dean will be making his feature film directing debut with the British comedy film (also for Midas Light) “Chocolate Potato” which will be followed up by the horror film “Werewolf On A Plane” (as writer/director) for Pink Flamingo Films.

Currently Dean has a number of feature film (‘Hamilton’ for Lionstar as an example) and tv projects (‘Season In Hell’ with the Rimbaud / Verlaine Foundation) in development.

Dean has won five awards (thus far) for his script-writing, one for his directing and was runner-up for the 2001 Sir Peter Ustinov Screenwriting Award (International Emmys) with his teleplay “Ghosts”.

For more information visit the Official Demain Website www.demainpublishing.com

Adrian Baldwin

Adrian Baldwin is an award-winning author from Manchester, now living and working in Wales. Back in the nineties, he wrote for various TV shows/personalities: Smith & Jones, Clive Anderson, Brian Conley, Paul McKenna, Hale & Pace, Rory Bremner, Terry Wogan, (and others). Wooo, get him.

Since then, he has written three screenplays, one of which received generous financial backing from the Film Agency for Wales. Then along came the global recession to kick the UK Film industry in the nuts. What a bummer!

Not to be outdone, he turned to novel writing – which had always been his real dream – and, in particular, a genre he feels is often overlooked; a genre he has always been a fan of: Dark Comedy (sometimes referred to as Horror’s weird cousin).

BARNACLE BRAT (a dark comedy for grown-ups), his debut novel won Indie Novel of the Year 2016 award; his second novel STANLEY McCLOUD MUST DIE! (more dark comedy for grown-ups) published in 2016, and his third novel: THE SNOWMAN AND THE SCARECROW (another dark comedy for grown-ups) published in 2018.

Adrian Baldwin has also had five dark comedy shorts published, either in anthologies or as stand-alone short stories: PIED!; EGOR’S EMPORIUM; BLOWN; ONE SMALL STEP FOR (A) MAN; and THE AMAZING XANDRA LEE vs NED SWANN.

2019 has been a very busy one for Adrian as a book cover designer too, with scores of covers created for Demain Publishing: the Short Sharp Shocks! and Murder! Mystery! Mayhem! series, plus several stand-alone titles such as Dave Jeffery’s A Quiet Apocalypse or Raven Dane’s House of Wrax – and then there are all the TK Pulp titles: the Gruesome Grotesque volumes as well as several editions of Phantasmagoria Magazine. And 2020 looks set to be another active year with more shorts, a couple of screenplays and no doubt another slew of new book cover designs.

The author/artist cites his major influences as Kurt Vonnegut, Monty Python, Stephen King, Edward Hopper, and David Bowie. And one of his favourite things about designing books covers: “I get to work not only with great artists whose work I admire greatly – such as Les Edwards and Roberto Segate – but also with wonderful publishers such as Dean M. Drinkel and Trevor Kennedy.”

For more information check out his Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website: www.adrianbaldwin.info (you can read sample chapters of all his works there).


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