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Clive Barker News! Hellraiser: Anthology gets a release date

Clive Barker’s graphic novel imprint, Seraphim Comics, have revealed the cover and release date for Hellraiser: Anthology.

Hellraiser: Anthology, a 90-page hardcover collection featuring 11 original Hellraiser tales, will debut at Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA on April 7th 2017, and will subsequently go on sale on April 14th through Clive Barker’s online store, www.realclivebarker.com, both as a hardcover graphic novel and a digital download.

The anthology will feature stories written by Clive Barker, Ben Meares, Mark Alan Miller, Blumhouse’s David and Rebekah McKendry and POW Entertainment’s Matt. Murray, with artwork by Daniele Serra (who also illustrated the cover), Riley Schmitz, Clive Barker, Sam Shearon, Nick Percival, Jim Terry, and Jimm O’Dell.

The anthology was edited by Ben Meares, with Matt. Murray assistant editing. “We had a very simple mission statement at the beginning of our journey with this comic,” Ben Meares, Editor-in-Chief of Seraphim Comics said. “We set out to create something with no limits and no censorship, that everyone involved, as both creatives and fans of the Hellraiser mythos, would be proud of.”

“I’ve been a part of a number of Hellraiser projects throughout my years with Clive,” Mark Miller, Vice President of Clive Barker’s Seraphim, Inc. and contributing writer added. “And this is easily the most personal project I’ve seen pass through these walls. It’s as lovingly curated as it is delightfully grotesque. I’m proud to have my name in its pages.”

Hellraiser: Anthology will be priced at $35, with copies signed by Clive Barker priced at $65, and the digital download version will be priced at $15.

Release Dates:

Monsterpalooza, Pasadena, CA – April 7th to 9th 2017 (Hardcover only)

www.realclivebarker.com from April 14th 2017 (Hardcover & Digital Download)

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Final Girls – Riley Sager (Kendall Review)

Quincy Carpenter is a Final Girl. She’s the sole survivor of the Pine Cottage Murders, a killing spree that saw her friends all die at the hands of a maniac. It’s been ten years since that fateful night, Quincy is still trying to rebuild her life, she doesn’t remember much, but still remembers ‘Him’. The flash of steel in the moonlight and the cold piercing agony as the knife struck down on her.

The death of another Final Girl, Lisa Milner, brings the only survivor of the massacre at the Nightfall Inn, Samantha Boyd,  out of hiding and straight to Quincys doorstep…but why?

This is an incredibly well written début novel. The pacing is perfect, with its slow introductions and gradual peeling back of layers, only revealing  enough information to pull you into the next chapter, this process continues, picking up pace till the novel reaches a very satisfying conclusion.

The story is full of twists, plenty of red herrings and a lot of baking. (Quincy runs her own baking blog). I thought I had the book worked out twice, and twice Riley Sager laughed at my schoolboy detective work.

Final Girls is a psychological thriller that’s also an homage to those classic slasher movies of the 80s & 90s. What happens to the girl at the end of the movie, with the blanket round her shoulders, covered in blood, sitting in the back of the ambulance?  In Final Girls, Riley Sager has managed to keep an old slasher film fan like me enthralled, and kept me guessing right till the end.This would make for a superb movie, the books slow build , snappy dialogue and excellent set pieces would be perfect for the big screen. I could see it developed into a screenplay that David Fincher would have a blast filming, it really is that good!

Star Rating (out of 5): 4****

Final Girls is released 13th July 2017 by Ebury Press.

Thank you to Ebury Press and Joanna Bennett for sending me an advanced copy of the book.