Poltergeist Press reissue three Matt Hayward novels as gorgeous hardback editions.

Poltergeist Press and Matt Hayward have joined forces to reissue three of Matt’s novels as gorgeous hardback editions. Practitioners, The Faithful and Brain Dead Blues are available NOW, so please go and order using the links below and show an exciting new publisher some support.

Dreams aren’t just for the sleeping.

After the murder of his wife, Officer Henry Stapleton struggles to move on. He begins experiencing nightmares that seem more like reality. Far beyond simple grieving. Looking for answers, he visits a mysterious new healing center, owned by real estate mogul Paul White. There’s just one problem. The man doesn’t exist. Though his name appears on his properties, there is no evidence of White’s birth, no social security number, no means of tracing him whatsoever. Henry begins to believe White is to blame for these visions. And they’re spreading to others.

Joined by his partner George Patrick, the two men travel deeper into the collective nightmare infecting Bellview, a once quiet town now in the grasps of unknown evil.

Reality may not be as concrete as Henry Stapleton once thought…

You can buy Practitioners from Amazon UK & Amazon US

You can read the Kendall Review for Practitioners here

At the Mountains of Madness meets They Live! in a new novel from Matt Hayward, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of What Do Monsters Fear?

After comedian Leo Cartwright performs his farewell comedy show in New York City, a young man ailed by cerebral palsy confides in him about odd dreams and a place he calls No Man’s Land. Leo thinks nothing of it until the man, Christopher Tate, winds up dead, along with a cryptic note taped to the comedian’s RV window: See you soon, Funnyman.

Leo sets out to find the truth about Christopher’s dreams to an odd town named Elswich. Shown to Leo in a dream by a mysterious man named Jarrad Prescott, the town prays to an Otherworldly god named Aypep and give their bodies to host his children in return for eternal life in the Otherworld. It’s a wish granted through sacrifice…

You can buy The Faithful from Amazon UK & Amazon US

You can read the Kendall Review for The Faithful here

From the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of What Do Monsters Fear? comes a thrilling debut collection of short fiction. Included is an exclusive novella, God Is In The Radio, in which an aging rock-star pens a song with help from a peculiar old man, one that leaves his fans itching for more…one he calls “Brain Dead Blues.”

Eleven additional tales of monsters, murder, and the supernatural lie within these depths that will not only entertain you, but send chills up your spine.

-A young girl discovers that a monster does, in fact, dwell beneath her bed. -An antique store owner stumbles upon a circus artifact that local down-and-out’s are just dying to see.

-A bare-knuckle boxer tries his luck in the ring one last time, only to fight tooth and nail by light of the full moon.

-A starving man sees only one option to survive the zombie apocalypse – by taking a bite of the undead.

These stories are only a sampling of the horror that lies in wait for you, should you choose to enter the mad brainchild of Matt Hayward. Prepare to grit your teeth.

You can buy Brain Dead Blues from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Poltergeist Press

Poltergeist Press is dedicated to releasing the best horror fiction from around the globe. Although our primary focus is on Russian translations, we also put out quality English language releases. Our authors include Brian Keene, Edward Lee, Kelli Owen, Matt Hayward, and more.

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Matt Hayward

Matt Hayward is a Bram Stoker Award-nominated author and musician from Wicklow, Ireland. His books include BRAIN DEAD BLUES, WHAT DO MONSTERS FEAR?, PRACTITIONERS (with Patrick Lacey), and the upcoming THE FAITHFUL. He compiled the award-winning anthology WELCOME TO THE SHOW, and is currently writing a novel with Bryan Smith. Matt wrote the comic book THIS IS HOW IT ENDS (now a music video) for the band WALKING PAPERS, and received a nomination for Irish short story of the year from Penguin Books in 2017. He is represented by Lane Heymont of the Tobias Literary Agency.

Please visit the Official Matt Hayward website www.sundancecrow.com

You can follow Matt Hayward on Twitter @MattHaywardIRE

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