Top 10 Feature Information

As part of an ongoing feature, Kendall Reviews wants to find out what makes your Top 10. These lists can cover absolutely anything as long as there’s a link to the darker genres that we love. So you could be a horror author, but you can still list your ten favourite Disney movies! I’d like to know what the scariest books you’ve ever read are. How about sharing your Top 10 writing tips? Favourite biscuits? Best movie posters?, directors?, screenplay adaptions?

The world’s your oyster!

It’s been fascinating reading through the responses I’ve had so far, and I’d be honoured to post your thoughts here at Kendall Reviews.

So please don’t hesitate to get in touch using

As well as your Top 10, if you could please provide any images you want included, an updated bio, links to items you want promoted and author photo.

I look forward to hearing from you